IT Support For Small Businesses

InfoTech Connection provides a comprehensive set of services to address your computer security needs. Our mission is to protect the information assets of our clients through the use of technology, education, and experience, while maintaining the strictest level of confidentiality. Today's enterprise and Internet systems require powerful, flexible and scalable communication networks. Networking is our core competence. We offer networking hardware and provide design, implementation and management services for web sites, data centers, network backbones, LAN/WAN.

Our LAN Support staff is prepared to meet any of your networking needs. We are prepared to service any network problems you may have as well as make suggestions on upgrading and implementation. We at InfoTech Connection services want to be your complete commercial/industrial computer and networking solution.

At InfoTech Connection, we know that implementing networking technology is challenging for customers of all sizes. Businesses struggle to provide reliable network access, great performance, security, and remote access, all in a manageable and scalable manner. Windows Vista is the next-generation business operating system that was designed to Internet-enable businesses with highly reliable, manageable and open technology. Built on Internet standards, Windows Vista and XP Networking communication services allows organizations to manage complex networking environments as well as take advantage of business opportunities created by the Internet. Windows Vista and XP take networking to a new level in ease of use, remote access, Internet connectivity, security, and multimedia support.

InfoTech Connection has a large and experienced certified staffs with Microsoft Windows Servers, Vista, XP and Windows 2000 expertise, offering a great new opportunity for customers who need better networking services to become Internet enabled.

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